My name is Sundone Boutvyseth and I am currently a student at the University of Utah pursuing my Bachelors of Art in Strategic Communications and employed part-time for Delta Airlines. I have eight years experience in a customer service type of atmosphere which included talking to clients via email, via phone and face to face. I really enjoy working with people and helping those in need. My experience in the work life and classroom have given me the tools to pay attention to detail, think outside the box, establish an entrepreneurial mindset, manage conflict, negotiate and to be a perfectionist. My parents migrated from Thailand to the US in 1980 to start a family and give a us better life than they had growing up. I grew up in a family with four siblings two girls, two boys and me being the youngest. I was the first to graduate high school and will be the first to graduate college. My parents came to the states so that we would have the opportunity to get an education.  Im taking advantage of this opportunity so I can have a better life for myself, my family and give back to my parents for all they have done for me.

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