My awesome experience!!!

I have had an awesome experience in this class because I came in not knowing much about news writing and was terrible (still am) at grammar but I’m getting better because I have been getting critiqued for the past couple months.

I always wondered why the news was written the way it was but now I have a better understanding why. I got a better understanding on a journalist’s job in this class and realized its not for but I can see why people could like this type of profession.

After taking this class my grammar has got much better, now I know how to write a news story maybe not the best but I still can, I can write better under pressure now and I have a much better understanding with the APA style of writing.

This class would not of been so much fun if it were not for my AMAZING professor Jennie Smith because she actually cared if we were learning what she was teaching, tried to make her teaching exciting for her students, really understanding and most important knew every student by their name without having to ask twice, especially my name. The professors that make a difference in this world are the ones that care and try, that is exactly what she did. Thank you for everything I would highly recommend this class (only if its with Jennie).  🙂